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First of all learn about xampp installtion on following link:

Step 1:  First of all download   wordpress  software package from  link

Step 2:  extrac it   and  keep inside your     “xampp/htdocs/yourprojectfoldername” :

Step 3  : Then run your xmapp and  open any browser  and type following :
“Localhost/yourproject foldername”

Step 4: select language and click on continue:

Step 5:
Now open  “Localhost/phpmyadmin”  and create database  for example my database name is “mandarwordpress”  and note down  database name (yourdatabse name),database username(“root”) ,database password(“”) and database host name(Localhost):

Step 6: now you will see for  instruction to keep your  database name, database username, database password, database host:

And click on let’s  Go.

Step 7: now enter your database name ,database username, database password  and  click on submit.

Step 8:Then Click on Run the install:

Step 9:
Now enter your site title,Username,Password,confirm password and your Email id and click on Install wordpress.

Step 10: now go to url in browser  :
“locahost/yourprojectfolername/wp-admin “
And enter your username and password to make login

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