Monday, 1 August 2016

xampp installation on Linux system (Ubuntu)


(1)step 1:

download xampp setup  from

(2)step 2:

jafar@ubuntu-business:~$ sudo su
[sudo] password for jafar:
root@ubuntu-business:/home/jafar# cd  /home/jafar/Downloads
root@ubuntu-business:/home/jafar/Downloads# sudo  chomod 777 -R
sudo: chomod: command not found
root@ubuntu-business:/home/jafar/Downloads# sudo  chmod 777 -R
root@ubuntu-business:/home/jafar/Downloads# ./

(3)step 3 :

after   that    your setup  installation will start cick on "next" and "next and finally click on "finish"  setup..

(4)now  to start  xmapp on ubuntu:

open terminal  & type given below command:

 sudo    /opt/lampp/lampp/  start

(5)how  to create  a  php file :

open terminal   &  type given below command :

cd  \opt\lampp\htdocs\yourprojectfolder

(6)now    type  following command to create   exmaple.php file  inside  your project folder:

cat   >example.php   
and make enter and type following code

echo  "hello world ";


and  press  CTRL +  D   TO  SAVE  FILE.

(7)NOW OPEN  BROWSER  AND   AND RUN  "exmaple.php"  file.

"Localhost/yourprojectfolder/example.php "

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